Announcing: OneTrust Data Redaction

Automate DSARs, disclosures, and more with software

Today, OneTrust announced the acquisition of DocuVision and its software for enhanced data redaction!

Automated data redaction is a critical capability for privacy, legal, and information security teams to find, redact, and protect sensitive and personal information. OneTrust Data Redaction will enable organizations to fully automate their DSAR process, including intake, ID verification, discovery, redaction, and secure response.

With enhanced Data Redaction in the OneTrust platform, you can:

  • Automatically detect and redact sensitive information
  • Redact across files and emails to automate DSAR requests
  • Simplify legal redaction
  • Streamline FOIA requests
  • Use built-in workflows to collaborate and meet response deadlines

Join us for a webinar to hear about our plans for OneTrust Data Redaction. We’ll demonstrate how it helps automate DSAR, disclosure, and other redaction use cases using the technology. You’ll also hear our future plans for data redaction and how it fits into the broader OneTrust privacy, security, and data governance platform.

Tuesday, March 23 at 11:00am EST | 4:00pm GMT