DHL Increases CMP Opt-in Rates

DHL Increases CMP Opt-in Rates with A/B Testing & OneTrust PreferenceChoice

As the global market leader in logistics, DHL connects individuals in over 220 countries.  DHL takes pride in its ability to collaborate with customers, industry partners, academic institutions, and logistics experts to become an influential voice in the industry.  DHL applied the analytical approach to GDPR compliance and preference management.

The company’s first goal was to become GDPR compliant quickly, and second, was to maintain as many trackable users as possible. In order to meet their compliance goal, DHL leveraged OneTrust PreferenceChoice  to deploy a consent management platform (CMP) to follow compliance guidelines with the latest data protection laws around the world for multiple websites.   

The team selected OneTrust to address its CMP needs across all websites, while also providing the flexibility to A/B test different banner placements and language. DHL tested these factors to better understand how they influenced how users engaged with a banner and opt-in consent to tracking.  The variables tested included: banner placement, colors, wording, animations, and icons.    This testing ultimately result in a 40% opt-in rate increase. Read more to learn about the cookie banner variations that led to this significant increase.

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