EU: Parliament adopts negotiating mandate for EU digital wallet

The European Parliament announced, on 16 March 2023, that it had adopted the negotiating mandate for talks with the Council of the European Union regarding the Proposal for a Regulation.

Amending Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 as regards Establishing a Framework for a European Digital Identity (SEC(2021) 228 final) – (SWD(2021) 124 final) – (SWD(2021) 125 final), issued by the European Commission in June 2021. In particular, the Parliament specified that the proposed regulation would allow citizens to identify and authenticate themselves online via a European digital identity wallet without having to resort to commercial providers, thus giving users full control of their data.

Regarding the next steps, the Parliament detailed that, after its plenary’s endorsement, the discussions with the Council on the final form of the regulation may begin immediately, clarifying that its position during the negotiations will be based on the amendments adopted in the Industry, Research and Energy Committee in February 2023, whereas the Council adopted its position in December 2022.

You can read the press release here.