Fischer empowers organizations to build an effective, predictable and secure Global Identity® Architecture.

Full Suite Identity Governance & Administration for the Enterprise

Securing an Identity Program is the #1 priority now.  Fischer Identity provides hardware and software solutions as well as Global Identity® Services to secure and control information technology resources.

1Point & Click AutomationLeverage our plug & play automation to create predictable, secure provisioning to enable your identities with the access they need on day one as well as deprovision access on-demand. Eliminate the reliance on professional services by automating the Fischer way.
2Identity GovernanceOur governance model provides you the control you need to enforce compliance throughout your business. Always know who has access to what, how they obtained the access they have, and remediation when something is not right.
3Extensible InfrastructureWe can deploy our software in the cloud, on premise or hybrid. We empower you to choose the deployment model that works for your business. Start on premise, move to the cloud in a weekend without any change in functionality. Your identities will never know the difference.
4Fixed Fee ProjectsOur implementation methodology provides you with a predictable cost model that is not 100% reliant on customization to build an enterprise IAM Program. Fischer’s implementation policy is fixed fee with project acceptance. This is unprecedented in our industry.

Fischer Identity Product Overview – Fischer Identity COO, Dan Dagnall, gives a brief overview of Fischer Identity’s products and services.

(22 Minutes)

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